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The Old Age Home (near Azmat Chowk, Green Town, Lahore Pakistan) has been established for the welfare of Senior Citizens of both the gender above the age of 60 years who are either abandoned or not treated properly by their kith and kin. It has the capacity to accommodate 60 residents, whereas more than 40 (males and females) are now residing in the Old Age Home. The Annual expenditure of Old Age Home amounts to around Rs. four(4) Million which is met out of the donations received from Donors/ Philanthropists.

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Approximately, Four Million Rupees are spent annually for the running of “Happy Home”.  These expenditures are met out of donations/Zakat etc given by the philanthropists.  Month of Ramadhan is approaching, it is therefore requested that your donations/Zakat/ Saddaqat may kindly be given to Old Age Home for its smooth functioning.  Donations may be sent by cash or through cheque/online in A/c No. 12467900101903 , Habib Bank Ltd, Township Branch, Lahore.


Major Donors –2017.

1. Askari Cement LTD (Maj Gen ( R)Mustafa Kausar )

2.Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Sabir

3. EFU Insurance Company ( Syed Tayyeb Hassan Gardezi)

4. LT Col ( R) Tasnim-ur-Rehman

5.Mr Momin /Mr.Shahid

6. Col ( R)Hafiz Muhammad Shafiq

7. Mian Shakeel Nasim (Askar Petroleum)

8. Brig (R )Mukhtar-ul-Haq

9. Mrs. Waqar

10. Zaffer Brothers

11. Mrs. Zahid

12. Mrs Madeha

13. Seek NGO

14. Avecena Hospital  (Maj Waheed)

15. Pir Syed Kabir Ali Shah

16. Muhammad Pervez

17. Siraj Mehmood Nasir


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